Calabash Restaurants and Dining

When you’re in the Seafood Capital of the World, you know mouthwatering meals are part of the experience. And a meal in Calabash is truly an experience. You’ll find seafood joints serving up heaping piles of the world-famous, distinctive, namesake style of seafood which is lightly breaded and quickly fried to lock in freshness. Restaurants line the banks of the Calabash River and offer stunning waterfront views. Grab a seat by a window where you can see shrimp boats head out on the water then come back in with the day’s catch. Or you may prefer to sit outside among the docks, enjoying the salty breeze. 

While Calabash may be synonymous with seafood, it’s also home to countless restaurants of more than just the seafood variety. Enjoy cuisine from around the world, delicious breakfast spots, bistros and more. You can also slip into local shops or ice cream parlors for homemade sweets and treats to top off your meal. Whatever you do, when you visit Calabash, come hungry!