Asking for forever is a big step in anyone’s life, and it’s remarkable to be able to do it somewhere as magnificent as North Carolina's Brunswick Islands. With 45 miles of pristine sandy beaches spread along five barrier islands, this area offers a stunning backdrop and all the resources you need to have a picture-perfect engagement. Whether you want a laid-back or a celeb-worthy proposal, popping the question in NC’s Brunswick Islands will suit every style. 

Check out some of our tips for planning a picturesque proposal in the Brunswick Islands:

Spell it Out in the Sand

If you find yourself at a loss for words, spell out your proposal in the sand. NC’s Brunswick Islands' spacious, uncrowded beaches make a spectacular spot to draw out the special words and casually walk by with your loved one to pop the question. Make sure to do this far enough away from the waves so the message doesn't get washed away. Put your own spin on the proposal by laying flowers or candles around the words to make it even more memorable! 

Jewel in a Shell

Trade in the conventional ring box for hand-collected seashells found in the Brunswick Islands. The six beaches throughout NC’s Brunswick Islands are excellent spots for shelling, allowing you to find a fantastic shell for that special ring. Search the shores early in the morning for an oyster shell and have the ring be the beautiful “pearl,” or find an intact cockle shells along the shore to enclose the ring. This charming and unique keepsake will make the proposal extraordinary.

Engagement ring in shell in North Carolina's Brunswick Islands

Under the Pier

During low tide, walk out under one of the five fishing piers in NC’s Brunswick Islands and have an intimate moment by the water. While you and your sweetheart are exploring under the pier, the serene coastal views and colorful sunset will create the perfect backdrop for your proposal.

Dollar for your Thoughts

Take your proposal plans to the next level with this unique idea. Search the beach for a sand dollar, attach the ring to the back and ask your loved one, “A dollar for your thoughts?” Your significant other will surely be surprised by this creative beach proposal! Be sure to hang on to the sand dollar as a token you’ll cherish forever. 

Underwater Proposal

Love is in the air and under the sea in NC’s Brunswick Islands! If you are a fan of snorkeling or scuba diving, this creative proposal is for you. Create a waterproof banner, with the message written out and show your true intent among the sea creatures. 

Romantic Beach Stroll

Everyone loves long walks on the beach, so why not turn this beloved activity into a moment that will never be forgotten. For a simple, but still sweet, beach proposal idea, stroll hand-in-hand with the sand between your toes. Thanks to the stunning ocean setting, you don’t need more than a few heartfelt words and one important question to create a moment to remember. 

Couple walking on beach in North Carolina's Brunswick Islands

Treasure Hunt 

Add adventure to your proposal plans by sending your significant other on a treasure hunt, complete with a specialized treasure map! Purchase a small treasure chest to plant the ring in and bury it beneath the sand. Add to the excitement by creating a treasure map with different, significant stops along the way. Have your loved one follow the map to find the treasure chest at X-marks-the-spot. 

The Proposal in a Bottle

A classic beach proposal idea - play up the ocean setting with a sneaky message in a bottle for your loved one to discover. This proposal option allows you to thoughtfully put your words on paper to ensure you don’t forget what you want to say. Have someone hide the bottle in the sand or carry it with you to reveal to your significant other when the time is right. Plus, the bottle will serve as a treasured memento for both you and your partner.

Romantic Bonfire 

Show your loved one just how special they are with a romantic bonfire on the beach. The town of Oak Island allows beach bonfires from November 16 through April 30 with a permit. It is the perfect time to snuggle up with your partner next to a cozy fire. When the moment by the firelight is just right, share your feelings and pop the big question!

Dinner with a View

Surprise your loved one with a waterfront dinner at a table set for two at one of NC’s Brunswick Islands many delicious restaurants. The islands are full of romantic dining options, each offering delectable seafood and breathtaking waterfront views. Make the occasion more intimate by packing a picnic for the beach, serving up a very romantic meal and asking a special question for dessert.  

Couple dining on the waterfront at sunset in North Carolina's Brunswick Islands

Between the salty air, golden sand and the ocean waves, there are plenty of ways to propose in NC’s Brunswick Islands. For more information on how to pop the question and to plan your trip to the Brunswick Islands, please visit