Nothing tops off a beach vacation to NC's Brunswick Islands like seeing dolphins swim along the surf and flip through the air. Luckily, these beautiful marine mammals are among the unique wildlife that resides in our waters, and visitors to the Brunswick Islands can look forward to many opportunities for spotting dolphins. If your beach vacation bucket list features dolphin encounters, then read on to discover the variety of ways that you can spot these beautiful mammals when you visit NC's Brunswick Islands!

Dolphin swimming in the ocean.

Dolphin Tours in NC's Brunswick Islands 

Those who are looking for a guaranteed chance to see dolphins from a view that is more up close and personal should opt for a dolphin tour. Just sit back, relax, and leave it to our expert charter captains who spend a majority of their days on the water to navigate you to the dolphin hot spots! 

Calabash Fishing Fleet and the Hurricane Fleet, both located in beautiful Calabash, often take guests right by the working shrimp boats where dolphins love to feast. Trips typically last around two hours and depart from the Calabash Waterfront. From there, you’ll head through the Intracoastal Waterway and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Looking to catch beautiful and colorful views of the sunset during your dolphin tour? Cruise out of Sunset Beach on Tideline Charters with Captain Tim who offers eco-tours and sunset dolphin cruises, or journey along the Southport waterfront, Caswell, and Bald Head Island with Southport By Seaside Boat Tours on a sunset cruise to encounter dolphins at play! 

Dolphins swimming in the ocean

Other Ways to See Dolphins in the Brunswick Islands

While it's not always guaranteed, visitors will have the opportunity to see dolphins on a kayak tour along the Intracoastal waterway and through our beautiful salt marshes with one of our area's expert adventure outfitters. Often referred to as the "nursery of the sea," salt marshes are home to dolphins and other unique wildlife from fish and turtles to crabs and birds. Prefer to spot dolphins from high above at a faster speed? Airplane and helicopter tours in the Brunswick Islands also include dolphin and marine life spotting opportunities.  And, with a little patience, you might even spot dolphins from the shore of one of our spacious beaches, from the top of one of our five ocean fishing piers, or from the deck of your very own private beach house rental!  

Dolphin swimming in the ocean

Ready to visit NC's Brunswick Islands and embark on fun adventures from dolphin cruises and beyond?! Visit here to find more information so you can begin planning your next vacation!