Bring North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands to your home with these fun seashell crafts! A great way to use those shells you’ve collected during past trips to the Brunswick Islands, these fun and easy crafts are perfect family projects. Create eye-catching centerpieces and picturesque picture holders to share memories of beach vacations until your next trip to the Brunswick Islands.

Check out these step by step instructions on how to make some great seashell crafts inspired by the coast of NC's Brunswick Islands.

Coastal Candle Centerpiece: 

What you will need: A candle, candle holder, shells and sand.

Items needed for seashell crafts

Step 1: Place your candle inside of the candle holder. Surround the base of the candle with shells. The shells will help to anchor the candle in place.

Crafting a candle with seashells

Step 2: Pour sand over top of the shells until you reach a desired height.

Pouring sand into a candle with seashells

Step 3: Place more shells on top of the sand.

A candle crafted with seashells from NC's Brunswick Islands

Step 4: Display on a table, mantle or another surface in your home and enjoy! 

Candle crafted with seashells from NC's Brunswick Islands


Shell Photo Holder:

What you will need: Shells, plaster or clay and a knife. 

Seashells from North Carolina's Brunswick Islands

Step 1: Match up your shells according to size.

Seashells for crafts

Step 2: Roll out your plaster or clay and cut it to 1/4”-1/2” thick and 1-1/2”-2” round.

Cutting clay for seashell crafts

Step 3: Place two matched up shells into the clay or plaster and let sit until clay or plaster dries. Be sure to leave a small gap between the shells.

Placing a seashell in clay

Step 4: Place in desired location and use as a picture frame, business card holder or place card table setting!

Crafts made from seashells from North Carolina's Brunswick Islands

With a little ingenuity and some household items, anyone can make these fabulous seashell crafts! We hope these crafts inspire your wanderlust and that we will be able to welcome you all back to North Carolina's Brunswick Islands soon! For more information on NC's Brunswick Islands visit