While North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands is known as a family favorite destination for beach vacations, the area is also home to many filming locations of well-known movies and television shows. Whether you'd like to visit these production landmarks during your next trip, or you'd like to have a movie night to enjoy our picturesque views from home, read on to discover some of our favorite movies and shows that were filmed in the Brunswick Islands.

Safe Haven – In a small town off the coast of North Carolina, Katie Feldman is determined to make a new life for herself. Her goal to keep a low profile is quickly made unachievable when the close-knit community around her, specifically a widower named Alex, wins her over with their warmth and caring nature. You’ll watch Katie learn to love and trust again and discover whether she can keep her dark past a secret from the people she has learned to love. Safe Haven was set and filmed in multiple locations across Southport, including the Southport Marina (now Morningstar Marina), West Moore, and Bay Streets where the NC 4th of July Festival was recreated for the movie, Ports of Call Bistro where Katie and Alex went on a date, and the American Fish Company where Katie worked as a server in the movie. Memorabilia from this film and many others can be found in the Fort Johnston Southport Museum and Visitors Center.

Safe Haven_watermark

Under the Dome – In the small town of Chester’s Mill, residents are suddenly struck with terror when a massive, transparent, indestructible dome cuts them off from the rest of the world. "Under the Dome" filmed many scenes in Southport. Visitors and guests to the Brunswick Islands will recognize the River Pilots Tower on West Bay Street that served as the WYSB Radio Station in the series. Additional filming locations include the Trinity United Methodist Church and the Old Smithville Burying Ground on Rhett Street.

Under the Dome filming location in Southport, NC.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – A year after running over a fisherman and dumping his body in the water, four friends reconvene when Julie, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, receives a frightening letter telling her that their crime was seen. Plenty of Southport favorites were featured in this film, including the Southport Fort-Fisher Ferry, American Fish Company, and the Amuzu Theater. After the movie, you’ll be imagining a stroll around the Yacht Basin for the picturesque views of the Cape Fear River, which are both locations from the film that visitors can later head to in real life.

Crimes of the Heart – This tearjerker is based on the stage drama where an untimely death haunts a trio of sisters, but they prove their love is stronger than any family tragedy. This 1986 movie was filmed all over the Brunswick Islands, including scenes at Fort Caswell, Old Smithville Burying Ground, and the Amuzu Theater. True Crimes of the Heart enthusiasts will recognize the iconic pink Northrup House that served as the Magrath sister’s home in the film on 229 N. Caswell Avenue, and the Old Brunswick County Jail where Sissy Spacek’s character, Babe Magrath was locked up in the film.

Crimes of the Heart house_Southport

A Walk to Remember – Like other Nicholas Sparks favorites, A Walk to Remember also filmed many iconic scenes in NC's Brunswick Islands. Movie watchers can plan their future adventure to see Trinity United Methodist Church where Jamie’s dad was a pastor, the Old Smithville Burying Ground where the funeral took place, and the Riverwalk Gazebo where Landon told Jamie that he loved her for the first time.

Dawson’s Creek – No bingeable favorites list would be complete without mentioning “Dawson’s Creek.” This teen drama follows the lives of a group of friends, starting in high school and continuing into college. Come for a visit to Southport and grab a bite to eat from Fishy Fishy Café and you can feel as if you’re back in school with them! Fans of Season 3 will recognize the Southport Marina as the setting for several scenes, including when Joey professes her love to Pacey in the finale. Make sure to also check out the Southport Pier and Riverwalk – both iconic Southport locations featured in the show’s opening credits!

Southport Waterfront

Echoes – This dramatic miniseries on Netflix about identical twins Leni and Gena whose lies unravel following one’s disappearance made use of several locations across Southport. Viewers and visitors will recognize Caviness Park, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, Southport Market, and St. Phillips Church as spots that create the setting for this thrilling story.

The Summer I Turned Pretty – Belly Conklin is ready for a summer she’ll never forget in this coming-of-age series on Amazon Prime that navigates first love and loss in the fictional town of Cousins Beach. Fans of the show are sure to recognize a piece of Cousins as they re-create Belly’s entrance and establishing shot along the Southport Riverwalk just before the River Pilots Tower or drive down East Moore Street as seen decorated for Christmas in Season 2. Fans should check back here to see where else Season 3 takes their favorite characters.

Southport Coffee Co. and Kitchen storefront decorated for filming Christmas

We hope that these movies and television shows inspire wanderlust for your next vacation to NC’s Brunswick Islands, and be sure to keep a list of the top landmarks to visit during your next trip. Visitors looking to visit multiple filming locations in Southport can take a golf cart tour by Southport Tours or Southport Fun Tours to see filming locations from some of the 40+ productions filmed in Southport. For a full list of movies and television shows filmed in the Brunswick Islands, visit here.