Kayak Tours Brunswick Islands

If the lazy moving flow of a backwater creek is more your style than the salty crash of a wave on the beach, then you'll want to wander back just minutes inland of Southport and do your sightseeing on a kayak tour of the Brunswick Islands.

Kayak tours of the Brunswick Islands provide a spectacular way to get truly in touch with our environment, for it's not uncommon to glide through a scattering of herons or a pod of pelicans. And bottleneck dolphins in the salt marsh creeks are about as common as tourists in these parts. Our expert guides will take you down long-forgotten passages, pointing out birds and wildlife and the occasional gator, all under the canopy of 400-year-old cypress trees. It's an environmental adventure for outdoor lovers of all ages.

And no need to fear a rush of the water or an all-out workout on one of our kayak tours, for backwater is a deep, slow-moving channel that winds through the forests and the marshland. Come to think of it, backwater could be how we characterize life on the Brunswick Islands. We're a little slow moving, with a deep and rich history. We're mysterious and calming and spectacularly beautiful.