Brunswick Islands' Lighthouses

There's something downright magical about lighthouses, and our Brunswick Island lighthouses are no exception. The Brunswick Islands are home to some of the oldest and the newest lighthouses in North Carolina, and each one is steeped in rich history and mystery. For centuries, lighthouses have stood guard over these islands, comforting the residents and shining a light on the path to home for pirates, fishermen, sailors and soldiers. The oldest, affectionately named Old Baldy, sits on Bald Head Island at the confluence of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. Since 1817, Old Baldy has withstood hurricanes, wars and excited children alike, beckoning visitors to the very top, up the 108 steps of the ship's ladder to a breathtaking observation deck.

Oak Island lighthouse is the young'un in these parts. She's a spry 54 years old and is, by all rights, a technological marvel as far as lighthouses go. Climbing Oak Island lighthouse isn't for the faint of heart since she is equipped with only a series of ship's ladders to get to the top of this 15-story majesty.

The truly best way to see all that our islands have to offer is atop a Brunswick Island lighthouse, so hop on the Bald Head Ferry and climb your way to a 360-degree view of our spectacular islands.