Attractions & Activities Oak Island

Ocean Crest Pier

Address: 1409 E. Beach Dr,  Oak Island, NC

Phone: 910-278-6674, 910-540-2878


This 893-foot pier near 14th Place East, voted most popular fishing pier in North Carolina by Fisherman's Post, has a full line tackle shop where special orders are available. You will also find gifts for friends at home or a souvenir for yourself. Handicapped anglers fish for free, and the owners provide a community live bait tank and a shelter at the T-shaped far end that is reserved for king fishers. Season permits are available for bottom fishing and king fishing. An onsite weather station measures wind speed, air temperature, water temperature, current speed and direction and more. This data is posted online where anyone can retrieve it. As the new saltwater fishing license requirements go into effect, all anglers at Ocean Crest Pier are covered under coastal pier blanket fishing license. A full-service restaurant and a motel adjoin the pier. Pier Manager Dave Cooper claims this is the premier king mackerel fishing pier.